Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CCP Strikes Again

Well, the Wolf cant buy a break. Since the AF changes, its been a bit behind the curve compared to the Enyo, Vengeance, and of course, Hawk and Harpy, but it was still the sexiest looking ship ever to take to the skies.... until, CCP.

Yesterday CCP decided to make the sexy, sleek, 10-AC turret armed Wolf and make it into a rusty, dumpy, skinny sad little thing, with much fewer guns modeled on its hull, a horrid paint job.... and the models of the guns are about 1/5 the size they once were. No. Seriously. Its that bad.

Here is my old love;

And the new... thing....

What the hell? The gun models have ALL been relocated and shrunk to ridiculously tiny size, the hull shape has been drastically changed, and the paint job has gone from sexy silver to.... rusty. Bad. Rusty. I guess CCP wasnt happy having it be behind the curve, they decided to make it look like shit too.

A few of my all time favorite shots of my ship. RIP baby. It was awesome while it lasted.

CCP... what was wrong with the old model?