Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Destruction (And Sexism) in Heild.

So. This is a first for me, but, here we go.

Somedays, I have off days, as I stated in an earlier post. It happens. I do dumb things, run into people who are simply better than me, or both. I dont claim to be an expert; as a matter of fact, at the beginning of this blog, I explicitly stated that I am learning as I go, and the blog's entries reveal that.

I lost a 1v1. It happens, right? Korvus Falek, a member of Black Rebel Rifter Club, was so proud of it he posted about it on his blog... if you want to read the entry, its here so you can see for yourself. Hey, thats ok, I have a blog and post stuff about my fights too, right? Well... please read the entry. You may notice some differences.

I decided to reply, and dispel a few of the inaccuracies in his post, with regards to my wolf, myself, and what I do in EVE.

First. Lets compare fits....mine. This was my actual lossmail from the fight.

I was heading to null to rat/pew, so I was running an MWD, which is not my normal choice; an AB allows me better range control and permits fitting a T2 DCU. My TE/Gyro combo gives me good range vs those who kite at the edge of scram range and gives me more damage beyond about 6k than 2 gyros. I was also in a 10 million isk clone, running 2 +2s and a 3% small projectile damage implant.

The fight itself? I started off dealing early damage, and let him catch me... you know, like I have stated several other places in this very blog that I always do. I wasnt trying to "Kite", I have a scram. Even if i could do so (Which i have said elsewhere, in this blog, that I am bad at) I likely would have had a long point fit, eh? Yes, the blog he says I he read through, and wouldnt point out all the stuff I write that is "wrong". Must have been a thorough read. When I went down, he was in low armor, repping well... I suspect he used Exile, though it may just be the normal repping rate of an A type SAR.

So. By KITERS, i mean those things, such as Hawks and Vengeances who tend to stay at the edge of scram range, 7-8k, beyond the effective range of a fit without a TE.

Now... his fit.

Sheesh! Thats stout! 330m isk frigate, with im guessing a head full of slaves and possibly, as i mentioned, Exile.
I dont know that this was the exact fit, but similar; web/scram/AB, and definately a faction fit.

I had an MWD, which makes my ability to counter rocket damage, already basically horrid when webbed, even worse. It was a bad matchup, but a fun fight nonetheless. I was in a convo with him (we had fleeted, so he didnt have boosts or anything ) and he mentioned to try an AB. Yeap. I know. Anyway, he says I got "mad" and left when he started "epeen waving"... lets see....

  Channel ID:      (('fleetid', 1122610806817L),)
  Channel Name:    Fleet
  Listener:        Ava Starfire
  Session started: 2012.05.14 14:31:42
[ 2012.05.14 14:31:56 ] Ava Starfire > SS?
[ 2012.05.14 14:31:56 ] Korvus Falek > rdy for warp in when you are
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:02 ] Korvus Falek > roughly
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:03 ] Ava Starfire > Ok, warp to you?
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:22 ] Korvus Falek > yeah
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:25 ] Ava Starfire > ok
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:30 ] Ava Starfire > if is dualrep
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:31 ] Ava Starfire > i will cry!
[ 2012.05.14 14:32:36 ] Korvus Falek > lol
[ 2012.05.14 14:37:09 ] Ava Starfire > =(
[ 2012.05.14 14:37:51 ] Ava Starfire > Well
[ 2012.05.14 14:37:53 ] Korvus Falek > hehe gf
[ 2012.05.14 14:37:58 ] Ava Starfire > Just means I dont fight vengeance anymore
[ 2012.05.14 14:37:59 ] Ava Starfire > meh
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:08 ] Ava Starfire > 2nd wolf i lost today and nothing to show
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:22 ] Ava Starfire > how about fight in something that isnt a veng?
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:33 ] Korvus Falek > only ship i fly tbh =P
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:37 ] Ava Starfire > Well
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:43 ] Ava Starfire > I just wont fight it anymore
[ 2012.05.14 14:38:52 ] Ava Starfire > MWD wolf simply cant beat it
[ 2012.05.14 14:39:05 ] Ava Starfire > dosent help im in a shit 10m isk nullsec clone atm either
[ 2012.05.14 14:39:47 ] Korvus Falek > hehe use something other than mwd =P
[ 2012.05.14 14:39:59 ] Korvus Falek > a wolf can beat a vengeance
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:06 ] Ava Starfire > I was heading to null
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:06 ] Korvus Falek > but not my vengeance =P
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:07 ] Ava Starfire > =P
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:11 ] Ava Starfire > You all distracted me
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:18 ] Ava Starfire > Ok, epeen measuring time i guess
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:20 ] Ava Starfire > bye

Hmm. I said "MWD wolf cant beat vengeance" (which it may or may not be able to) but lets call attention to this line:

[ 2012.05.14 14:39:59 ] Korvus Falek > a wolf can beat a vengeance
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:06 ] Ava Starfire > I was heading to null
[ 2012.05.14 14:40:06 ] Korvus Falek > but not my vengeance =P

That's pretty smug, and is the reason I left the convo. Now, looking back, I admit I was in a mood, and as eve smack/chestbeating goes, this wasnt that bad... however, the blog post he wrote is much, much worse than just about any local smack I have ever seen. I dont smack, denegrate people, or point out anything wrong they do in a negative way, and I certainly dont make any sort of claims that I am some sort of frigate savant. After killing someone, I will usually (if they seem new to pvp and/or eve) offer some tips. Often, I give new pilots isk for frigs. I try to encourage people. I dont see any reason to chestbeat or proclaim awesomeness OOCly in a video game; it's a video game, after all. I suppose not everyone does that. Hey, its ok, its a big game.

I refit (with an AB and plate, a fit i run sometimes) and returned to fight him again, only getting intercepted (And losing, ack! My luck!) to a rail daredevil, only due to my own stupid; the DD had dipped into struct when I died, had i loaded barrage, would have forced him off. Korvus was at the sun during the fight, watching.

I noticed he didnt mention that in his entry?

RL intervened, I didnt have time to come back a third time to try again. I plan to soon.

So, lets recap; I lost a fight. Someone makes a rather condescending, smug, and sexist post about how awesome he is, and how dumb I am, on his blog. I replied. I'll let you readers be the judge; please, read both entries, and just decide for yourselves. Yep. I lost the fight.

Im pretty sure I know which one of us is the loser.


Oh, and Korvus? I excuse you, hun, you're a man. Or male of some sort, anyway.


  1. I've read both and he certainly had no intention of being kind or helpful with his blog. In fact, he spent the entire blog boasting about how amazing he was and how stupid you were, with a definitely sexist remark at the end.

    My only advice to you was that you shouldn't have done the same with your last line, but otherwise it's good. I'd certainly rather fly with you any day of the week even if I were just going based on attitudes and not actually knowing you.

    Stay strong Ava. :)

  2. I'm curious as to why you feel the need to defend yourself from the verbal assault of some gorram retard (judging by his blog posts)?


  3. he's one of those guys who fail to hold tackle and then think that the other party should just sit still for him while he kills them. Even in a 1v1 that's just stupid. Either way, not worth your time.

  4. Mostly, I felt the need to reply in the hopes that newer people reading his blog might not take what he says as gospel and discount the information contained in other people's blogs; like mine. I may or may not be 100% "right", but from the contents of his own post, its pretty clear he has no clue what he is talking about.

    The personal attacks and chestbeating were so transparent they bordered on hilarious; I admit, when I read his post at first, I was pretty offended, but, after learning more about the guy, I think he's just very, very overconfident, like happens to some newer pvpers who get "in a groove" and likes to write all about it; hopefully, he will develop a bit more respectful attitude, because his posts are not what I have come to expect from r1fta members, and I would hate for his mouth and stupidity to give an otherwise outstanding bunch a bad name.


  5. Hey Ava,

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I didnt realize you replied to the post on my blog until I just checked my email a few mins ago. Ill admit to being a bit harsh in my wording to you, and youre 100% correct that I am definately confident in my abilities. Since Ive recently come under fire for using bling to buy wins, Ive downgraded a few mods on my ships. It really sucks =P

    To me, kiting is outside scram range, using a long point. I use faction webs and scrams to give me the edge over those kiters that the Vengeance ship is very vulnerable to. Now, if you were "letting" me get in range, I dont feel you should have done so.

    Anyhow...RL intervenes. If I remember will post later.

  6. Finishing my reply from earlier. Anyhow, after re-reading both my post and yours, I see some things that you say, and remember them differently, as well as mechanics wise.

    First and again, if you feel I was harsh in my judgement of our fight, my apologies. Im an asshole, what can I say?

    2) You didnt "let" me get into range. I had 18km, 60% web on you. Dropping your mwd speed so severely that my 2km/s mwd speed was easily able to close our distance, which then allowed my oh'd 11.5 (I think its 11.5km??) scram to shut off your mwd completely, while mine was still actively closing our distance. So to be crystal clear, you didnt "let" me get close. My faction mods raped your 17-20km range kiting strategy.

    3) As I said prior, I have lost plenty of vengeances and learned the weaknesses of my ship, similar to what youre doing with your wolf. My killboard is linked on my blog if you care to look back in January and Feb when I lost alot of my ships. As those losses progress, you will notice slight improvements or variations in the modules I use. I think the first thing I replaced was my reppers (or maybe the EANMs, I forget). I didnt build a fully factioned out fit overnight. It took time and patience and lots of losses to learn what would make my fit better and not suspectible to what killed me before. Lessons learned and all that.

    4)I doubt youve made it this far and Ive gotten too lazy to keep commenting and blowing up your comments section =P Please Evemail me if you really would like to keep a convo going on fits and such. I dont mind teaching and sharing info with people, contrary to what you believe, I just dont do it often with out of corp people.


  7. And forgot, I think I was either afk or tabbed out when you landed with the DD, I totally dont remember that. And besides,I wasnt even involved in that fight, why would I mention it?

  8. Was going to reply to the comments, but after reading what you wrote... I dont think I need to.