Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Syndicate, and BEYOND!

Skadi's Call has moved. Yeah, I am surprised by it too.

We have relocated to Syndicate, and are currently with the I-RED, a very good group of people and friends who have long been assisting our humanitarian efforts in the Republic. So far, so good; we are getting settled in, going on fleets, learning our way around the region, and getting to know the locals.

The locals being assorted russians, a few OKish combat corps and alliances... and Rote Kapelle.

I met one of Rote Kapelle on my first day in Syndicate, and we had a proper Wolf vs Wolf fight. My MWD, plateless fit went down to a 2 gyro, 400 plate/C tye SAR, AB fit Wolf flown by Namamai of Rote Kapelle, though she had entered structure when I went down. Not bad for a wolf with less tank, DPS, and range control!

Her fit got me thinking. I like no plate, as frankly, I fly the Wolf more like a heavy interceptor than a "in your face" brawler, and speed is life; the ability to string gangs apart, pull tacklers away, and all means that I have to keep my MWD... most of the time.

Namamai mentioned that her wolf was very, very good for killing Sabres. I like killing Sabres. I have built a new fit that I will report more on after some proper testing, an AB fit; others have done well with ABs in 0.0, in the right sort of fights, so why not? I will give it a go!

Undeterred, I have been part of several gangs and had some hilarious times, including a Scimitar that a pilot donated (By ejecting from it after being tackled, haha!) to me last night, fully fitted! Thank you! I have been wanting to learn to fly logistics, and now I can, and not cost myself a dime. It will be properly resupplied and renamed, and placed in service for SKDI.

Today, I had a fun fight versus a Slicer and Retribution, with a Hawk also in system. I was sort of hoping the Hawk would approach (He was in the corp with the Retri pilot) when the fight began, but he did not. So, 2 up, 2 down, loot scooped (What there is of it... their fits were odd, shown here and here. Kudos to them for taking the fight, and hope to see more of them.

I  think I am gonna like it here... not to mention, the rumors of Ishukone having some connection to the development of insorum...

Ava, out!

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