Monday, December 19, 2011

(( The next several posts appeared over the span of several months on Electus Matari's forums. I have decided to move them here, and continue my Losec Diary publically. So, while they show as all being posted at once, this is a development over the span of about six months that I, and Ava, underwent. ))

The Fight of my Life

So, today started out dull... a rather unproductive roam with Kalaratiri and Kikia Truzhari, 2 women who I fly with often. Kala has been my wingmate more times than anyone else I know, and is a phenomenal pilot. Kikia is a fast learner, takes initiative, and knows when to ask questions. She will make an excellent pilot, I think.
Great people to spend some time with, and kind of nice to have a quiet, undisturbed trip.

I returned to Rens and decided to play with the Wolf again. Finally, I believe I have found a fit that is about as good as it can get, and that has amazing DPS, solid tank, and decent speed. (( Watch the wolf evolve for me!))

[Wolf, New Setup 1]
Damage Control II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Gyrostabilizer II
Gistii B-Type 1MN Afterburner
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
'Malkuth' Rocket Launcher I, Caldari Navy Gremlin Rocket
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator II

TIGHT fit. 156 out of 156.25 CPU, 65.86 out of 66 Grid. But, oh, the numbers... 988 speed, 263 dps at .8 + 9k, and 9947 EHP. It may have some tracking issues with fast close orbiters, but those ships tend to be flimsy, and a bit of manual jinking can easily get me hits. With my skills and implants, 276 dps, 1050 speed. All with a stout tank, good range. As good as I believe the Wolf can get. You CAN fit 150s and a neut, if you use a coreli C-type AB, and then dont need the ACR; if you have Projectile Rigging 5, you can get an ambit in there, or use that second rig slot for whatever you wish.

I head to Bosboger, to test my new baby, and a local pirate I have encountered a few times hails me, and asks if i wish to fight his Thrasher. I say sure... we agree to head to the sun.

He lands 40k from me and approaches. Not knowing his fit, I load Phased Plasma and Foxfires, and approach at top speed... if he is MWD fit, I want inertia to get me as close as possible, to land my scram. No need; he is AC fit, shield tanked. I orbit fast, tight, and watch in amazement as his Thrasher explodes with my Wolf at 90% armor. He folded in about 15 seconds. I fired 8 rounds. I scoop the loot, a favorable drop, and wait out my GCC.

The pirate and a friend, both pilots who have been licensed for 8-9 months, ask me to get my Rifter, as they would like to keep it cheap. I say sure, and go to Rens to get the same one I used to kill the Slicer and friend. I return to Bosboger... and to the fight of my life.

They want me to fight them BOTH, at the same time.

I size them up, size up my options. Odds are, my fit is better, my skills and implants are better, and I am, based on the fact his Thrasher was loaded with barrage, much, much more experienced than them. I accept, load RF fusion and Phalanx rockets, and head to the meeting spot, pre-heating my web, scram, repper, and guns. I immediately align to a celestial and burn, wanting to NOT have them both land on top of me.

One lands and approaches, and a moment later, the second arrives. Ok... size them up. One is at 30k, one at 22.... I will have a few seconds...

I target the closest one, webbing him at 13k, and firing, getting him to half shields before he webs me back. Its on. I heat my guns, frantically turning to keep as much range as possible from the other Rifter for as long as I can. He goes down as I am in low armor, my repper screaming in relief as the incoming DPS is cut in half.

I open fire on the second and immediately burn close, wanting to just burn him down with what I hope is much higher DPS than he is packing, and frantically trying to keep scram and web on, and cycle my repper whenever the cap allows (( I was FRANTICALLY clicking my repper, as I was in half structure long before he hit half armor )). I get off a rep cycle... his armor is low. Another rep cycle... oh, Spirits, my structure... the warning siren... Another cycle.... he hits structure.... another cycle....

And he explodes! I scoop the loot and safespot, running my repper to repair my totally evaporated armor. My ship is at 10% structure... but, I just won a hell of a fight, yet another 2 on 1. This was my fourth such engagement in the past 4 days.

And, for fun... a pic of my poor Rifter. Shoulda took it before I repped my armor.

Best fight of my career. Too bad the 2nd Rifter didnt drop  that B-Type Afterburner!!

(( First fight in 2 years my hands have shaken afterwards! ))

EDIT: That Rifter, the one that killed the Slicer, is now 6 and 0. I believe this one deserves to be retired, after pulling off the impossible, TWICE!

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