Monday, December 19, 2011

What can you kill in a Wolf?

Hello. A few more weeks, a bunch more kills, and a few more lessons learned. I have been fighting anything and everything I feel I can engage, including 2 or 3 at a time, and doing quite well at it. I have also destroyed every kind of AF at least once now, along with most faction frigates. Lets look at some of these fights.

Hawks: Probably my most hated of opponents. Theyre tough, nearly as fast as you, they WILL be running kinectic missiles, hitting my poor wolf's lowest resist. I played with a Kinectic rig, dropping my tracking rig and downgunning to 150s. Works ok... but now slow. In the FW environment, speed IS life. I need to be able to run, to kite.

Also, Hawks tend to fit Medium Shield Boosters and run a capacitor booster, with Navy 400s. They then double EM rig, so they now have a potent tank, no issues with tracking, and selectable damage.

And no web. You're faster than they are.

Keep speed UP, if a Hawk (Or Vengeance) is not webbing you! The faster you go, the less damage those rockets do. Ideally, orbiting at 3-4k to maximize speed, and still land solid hits, is good. You will have to catch him in a loading cycle of that booster to kill him. I tend to load fusion vs these now, as it is just as effective vs their shields, and their armor evaporates when you break through that shield. This guy beat me (and podded me) our first fight, but agreed to a rematch. What did I do different? Controlled range and speed better, and heated my guns straight off to burn through that shield and kill him with bleed. (The drake and SB on the km were nowhere in sight... no idea where those came from.) For an extra laugh, take a good look at how much damage I dealt to that Hawk!

Respect hawks. They can wreck your day. I havent fought a buffer tanked one yet, but I have no doubt they would be easier to kill.

Harpies: Kiting harpies with rails are fairly common. However, they cannot fit rails and an MSB/injector, so they are not as tough. I havent fought a blarpy yet, but have little doubt what the outcome will be. Harpies have weaker tanks than hawks, but deal more damage. They also tend to run 1 shield extender rig and 1 em rig... however, look very carefully at this fit and find where his mistake was. Yes, he had only the EM resistance his DCU provided. He did solid damage, but it was not so much that my repairer couldnt keep up easily. Notice, I had 150s in this fight, as i was running a Kin rig at the time. The harpy controlled range... the Wolf has a falloff bonus. Down he goes.

Jaguar: The Dual MSE Jaguar has a reputation as being a simply nasty brawler. It is. But it has weaknesses. A dual MSE jaguar cannot fit a neut, at least without some serious fitting compromises, and they do weak dps for an assault frig. They mount a massive tank, however, and can strike a wolf's low EXP resist... at least vs a wolf with a low EXP resist. I smacked a dual MSE jaguar twice, but he managed, to higher speed (nanoed, I think) to escape both times. He came back, in this rather strange fit, and while tanky, went down. Not even close, this time; I only turned my repper on after the fight, to rep the minimal damage he did, as I was able to control range and stay at 5-6k most of the fight. If they're web/mse/neut fit (like my own jag) its a dps race; thankfully, they cannot neut long, due to a Jaguar's anemic cap, and your nos does cycle twice for every cycle of a small neut. The keep at range trick will be important, as theyll try to orbit... and usually beat their own tracking in the process.

Wolf: The 400 plate wolf is famous as "the" brawling loadout. If you remember,  I am not impressed with it. Here is why. I was able to stay at 6-7k the entire fight, and while the wolf's falloff bonus works going both ways, I could repair the mediocre incoming damage... he could not. An extremely one-sided fight, and as you can see, I was running 150s. This was my normal fit... I just didnt have any 200mm guns when I built this particular wolf.

Succubus and Firetail: One of the more memorable 2v1 I have had here lately was this eager pair who engaged me on a gate. I had just jumped in from Dal, and knew the path behind to be clear. No one else in Hof, so... I burned for the Succubus, to kill it and its horrible neutralizers. I had plasma loaded (my default round, when i am roaming and not sure what I may engage on a gate) so I had ok damage versus both. This dumb succubus pilot burns toward me, hoping to neut me dry, which he quickly did... and then died. I quickly scrammed the firetail, who had by now figured out this was not an easy gank. He quickly hit armor, and tried to burn away from me... he should have kept transversal up. A second blue flash rewards my efforts. I scoop my loot and head to a safe to rep my damage and repair some module burn.

Daredevil: (( Post hybrid/destroyer buff)) I found a Daredevil at a plex... it was a minor, so I warped in with my Thrasher, and lost it, only due to stupidity... wrong ammo. Ack. Yeah, PP for a DD, bad choice...

I sigh, go back to station, and then grab my Wolf, and undock... and the pilot asks if i want a 2nd try. Sure!

I load fusion, NOT being dumb this time, and we go. Heating my repper, I land some early shots, as she has to burn 15k to get to me. As she webs me, I heat my AB and use Keep at Range command, and... well, she explodes  beautifully! I was at about 75% Structure. I had no problems whatsoever hitting the Daredevil, even moving at about 150 msec. I was sad, though... no faction web. Bah!

Enyo: (( Post Hybrid Buff)) I jump into Eszur and cross-jump a flashy Enyo. I hadnt had much action all day, save a Wolf loss early in the day to a Wolfsbrigade fleet, complete with ECM, so I burned back and jumped after him, where he was waiting and eager. I had fusion loaded, so I heated my guns and AB, and went to town.

Early in the fight he got within 3k or so range, and I took heavy damage. I managed to take range to 7k, where he had to swap ammo types, and my incoming damage was low enough for my repper to keep up. After a few more shots, the predictable happened and I was scooping the loot. The Enyo got me lower than the Daredevil; I was at 57% structure, though my armor had begun to repair.
So, while I hope everyone dosent start flying active tanked wolves, this shows you some idea of how long it takes, from start to finish, to learn a ship and its capabilities, how to fit it, and the tactics to use. I believe any AF or faction frig could be used as successfully, if the pilot were willing to spend time and ISK to do so.

Fly it like you stole it!

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  1. Thats a great post for a nubbins like myself. I am a long way off PvP but these accounts are good.