Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Dumbest Wolf Loss


So, yeah. I was out in the Todifraun/Arnstur area all weekend, and had a lot of fun. This morning, I got a Slicer, a pair of Enyos, and a Corax in rapid succession, and then found a Catalyst / Coercer pair in a plex. I warped in, ready to engage (I had Plasma loaded) and they warp off as I land. Cool, no worries, I start counting down the plex, as we're faring somewhat poorly in the faction war just now.

I see a few more Amarr enter system. There is me and 7 of them in local. A peek at my dscan reveals Incursus, Retribution, Coercer, Catalyst, Merlin (Who is a stabbed, useless farmer) and an Executioner. The 7th never came on scan, or was cloaked somewhere.

Hmm. If they all warp in, Im gonna need to do some fancy flying.

I load Barrage.

In come the Incursus and the Retribution. I am expecting the 2 destroyers to return, so I immediately start burning around, and am shooting the Incursus at 20k or so. Both incursus and retri have MWDs, and NEITHER IS POINTING ME. Mistake no 1. I dont look to see which one, if anyone, is pointing me. I am watching their ranges and speeds. Had I done so, I would have realized one, or likely both, would have scrams. I figured the Incursus would. I figured the Retri to be long point fit. Sigh.

Hey, the heavy slicer Retri is common enough, I figure its flimsy and long point fit (dumb, see above)  so i just keep firing at the incursus, who never did fire (blaster fit) and who warps out when I lose point due to me manually flying; remember when I said I am bad at kiting? Yeah, I am working on that, flying a 2 TE/MWD/long point wolf.

Then, somehow, I get scrammed by the retribution. How? By being bad at kiting. Mistake no. 2

Well, that was dumb. I am in low shields, and my cap is dry from all my MWDing around and pointing. I quickly offline the MWD and swap ammo types, as a Retri will die, if shot with barrage, sometime tomorrow. Of course, I Think my wolf is gonna be ok... em and thermal resists, right? It would have been... had I not screwed up yet again.

In my haste to swap ammo types, i select fusion. Sigh. Mistake no 3.

10 seconds tick by. The retri is pecking away at me, and i am losing armor.

I decide to load EMP... remember, I had plasma loaded way back at the beginning?

10 more seconds. I am in low armor when I start firing, only occasionally getting off a rep cycle.

My wolf dies with the Retri in low armor, and I go sit in station in my Reaper, playing with my unit of Tritanium, thinking about how incredibly stupid I am. I probably should have just stuck with barrage, and not lost 20 seconds farting with ammo types. I DEFINATELY should have just loaded Plasma, and burned the pair down.

I lost a Wolf, to a Retribution.

Kudos to the Retri pilot.

Im off to get an asschewing from my CEO for a deeply stupid loss.

Fly it like you stole it. And maybe, steal me one, please? Sigh.


  1. Here you go:

    [Wolf, Slicer [Arty] T1 Rig]
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
    Co-Processor II

    Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
    Faint Warp Disruptor I

    280mm Howitzer Artillery II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S
    280mm Howitzer Artillery II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S
    280mm Howitzer Artillery II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S
    280mm Howitzer Artillery II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S
    [empty high slot]

    Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
    Small Projectile Ambit Extension I

    Much more applied dps at range with damage selection flexibility (instead of being stuck with barrage/exp/kin). Does about 55% more dps at 20km (and hellooooo alpha!).

  2. I would have died to the enyo and the corax in this fit.

    Everyone keeps trying to get me to fly this thing, and I simply do not like it. It is utterly dead if scrammed (this fight notwithstanding, I do quite well in a brawl when I have to) and its tank is nonexistent. It just will not work as well for what i do.

    I appreciate it, but really... it isnt that good. I have also killed every artillery wolf i have ever fought, save one that I simply ran from. I am just not impressed with it.

  3. "I would have died to the enyo and the corax in this fit."

    Can't win 'em all. :(

  4. Can win em most, though! Also, SOMEONE *ahem* seems to have contracted me an Artillery-fit Wolf, soooo, I guess I will go give it a test. Thanks to who did it

  5. In case you haven't seen it already, the Arty Wolf in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GhCrtwUrSmc&list=UU6sG2iI6yhdRyruo53zZE2g#t=310s

    Oh, right, this is Davion Falcon.

  6. I appreciate it, I really do. However, having gone 27 and 2 in my fit in 3 days (would have been 29 and 1, had my stupid explained above not occured) i am not overwhelmed with any urge to change fits anytime soon. I will use the Arty one i was given, but I just dont think it have the versatility i require.

  7. So uh, fly it like you stole it? =P

  8. Indeed!!! Gonna give it a try over the next few days and see how I like it.