Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Secret Admirer?

Been quiet for a while, as stationside duties and my son have been keeping me busy, but, it hasnt been a completely dull month... not by far.

For starters...

For some time, I have been receiving somewhat unusual emails from a fellow capsuleer...

AVA IS ONLINE and all is well with the Universe.
From: Strhyke Cantaso
Sent: 2013.03.02 17:40
To: Ava Starfire,

I woke up this morning heavy of heart and  in a raw panic.
Could it be, I asked myself, that I missed a day in which I told my precious, sublime, exquisite, unattainable Ava, that she is and always will be, the epicenter of my universe? In the event that the fates may have cursed me with that possibility, I will take this opportunity to scream to the heavens that mantra that acts as my raison d'etre,
Fly SAFE my Darling!

And so on.

I fear that he may have amorous intentions... only time will tell.

(( OOC note; have a link to a hilarious blog.


Simply too awesome to miss. I had no warning or idea of this until today... just the emails! ))

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